Plant Based French Toast

Being plant based means you don’t have to miss out on foods you use to enjoy.  You can enjoy those foods and so much more and be healthy at the same time..   One of the foods I enjoyed all the time was french toast.  Finding a way to eat french toast again without animal products was not as challenging as I thought thanks to chickpeas.   By using chickpea flour I was able to recreate french toast and not only have it be delicious but also nutritious.

Plant Based French Toast
(serving for one, double recipe for 2)
3 slices of sprouted bread (I use this one)
¼ cup of chickpea flour
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
¼ teaspoon of vanilla powder or ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract.
vanilla unsweetened hemp milk
coconut oil
fruit of your choice for topping
maple syrup
Mix the chickpea flour, cinnamon, vanilla powder in a shallow bowl with a whisk (if you are using vanilla extract add the extract with the milk).  Next add the milk starting with ¼ cup, if that is not enough continue to add more milk till you make a smooth thin mixture, close to the same consistency as a very thin pancake batter.  Place each piece of bread into the mixture after about three minutes turn the pieces of bread over to coat the other side.  Heat a fry pan up with a little bit of coconut oil.   After a few minutes of the bread being on the opposite side, place the french toast in the fry pan and cook on both sides. 
You can add any type of fruit and of course maple syrup as a topping.