Easy Breezy Gut Friendly Green Soup

Soup as a meal can be a food easily overlooked at as being easy to make and filling.  One might think you have to slave in the kitchen doing lots of prep work, cut tons of veggies, create a broth from scratch and simmer the soup for hours to make a good soup.  But my friends if you’ve ever made a smoothie, you’ve actually made a fruit soup. Making a quick filling soup is just like making a smoothie, without the straw.

Like a smoothie if the soup is blended it can be easier on the digestion system because half the digestion process is done.  It gives your digestive system the much needed break of constantly breaking down particles of food.   This soup here is perfect for a summer meal and makes a wonderful meal if you’re doing a cleanse or detox.


The gut friendly green soup recipe is inspired by Peggy Schirmer.  I saw her original gut friendly soup recipe here and decided to personalize it and add some extra touches.  Everything in this soup is beneficial and can be helpful for the gut.  You can also customize it to suit individual nutritional needs.  I use whatever greens I have on hand as the base for this soup. And no matter which greens I use; spinach, kale, swiss chard, each time the soup comes out amazing.  The other ingredients for the soup besides the greens are simple; garlic, red onion, celery, lemon and a tomato.


Now tomatoes can be kind of iffy, many people have allergic reactions to them. What I noticed when making the soup for the first time was that the addition of tomato caused me to have a slight allergic reaction. So to solve this issue, the second time I made the soup I bought an organic Roma tomato, skinned and deseeded it first before adding it to the other ingredients. By removing the skins and seeds, the lectins in the tomato were reduced which allowed for easier digestion.

  • Side note: Lectins in plants are defense mechanisms designed to provide a defense against insects, microorganisms and pests.  Lectins are resistant to human digestion and ends up going through the human digestive system and blood stream unchanged because of this lectins can cause negative reactions to the body where a person might have low to even severe allergic reactions.

If you find due to tomato allergies you want to leave the tomato out all together try substituting half of a peeled, deseeded cucumber for the tomato.

Washing Your Produce

All the produce used for the soup should be organic and washed thoroughly using a solution of baking soda and water or vinegar and water.  Washing veggies in a baking soda or vinegar mixture helps to drastically reduce pesticide residue.  This soup is considered a raw soup and heat is not involved so making sure the produce is very clean is strongly advised.


Also using one clove of the garlic produces a strong garlic taste in the soup so if a strong taste of garlic is not your cup of tea then use a half of a clove or substitute the garlic entirely with a small shallot.

This soup is so easy to make, full of flavor and very filling.  It’s perfect for a quick one person meal but can be doubled for two people.  Try it for yourself and let me know in the comments below what you think!

Easy Breezy Green Soup
2 Big Handfuls of Greens (Spinach or Kale)
2 celery stalks
1 slice of a red onion
1 organic Roma tomato peeled and deseeded
 1/2 garlic clove
A squeeze of fresh lemon juice
Soup Toppings
Dulse flakes ( I use this)
The best way to make this soup is in a high powered blender and have the ingredients layered appropriately to make it easy to blend.   You want to put the highest water content vegetables at the base so that it’s easier to blend.   Cut the tomato in fours and place at the bottom of the blender, cut the celery and place that next in the blender, then the onion, garlic clove, the greens and a squeeze of lemon.
Turn the blender on low and take a tamper to push down the items to help the blender blend.  Like below:
After it blends, it’s done!  The next step are the toppings!  Take an avocado cut in half and cut into small pieces and place on top of the soup then take dulse flakes and sprinkle on top!  The avocado provides good fat and makes a nice creamy contrast with the pungent taste of the garlic.  The dulse sprinkled on top adds additional minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and iodine.  The dulse also adds a slightly salty, smoky, umami flavor.  YUM!

Add On

Sometimes I cut up a sweet potato into chunks and roast them in my toaster oven and add them as a topping as well, it takes it up a notch and the soup then becomes even more filling.  The flavors of the sweet from the sweet potatoes, the pungent taste from the garlic with the smokiness of the dulse and creaminess, mild taste of the avocado becomes like a wild, delicious party in the mouth. 😋

Delicious, Filling Easy on the Gut Green Soup