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A New Chapter for Native Batch

I think the most challenging part of picking up something again after a long hiatus is just starting.  It’s been said many times that beginning is the the hardest part of any journey and with cousins “finishing” and “consistency” trailing not too far behind, they can be just as challenging.

If you were to peek at my unfinished drafts over the past 5 years you would see I had every intention, numerous times to pickup where I left off on Native Batch.  I was ready to jump straight to providing new recipes, health and wellness info and all the good stuff that I did before but it didn’t feel right.  During those lost years with everything that was going on in my life it would have felt forced.  It wouldn’t have come from a totally authentic place.  The timing was not right.

5 Year Hiatus

During the 5 year hiatus of Native Batch not only did the world change but I also changed and just like the world not totally for the better.  My healthy way of life has veered so far away from how it was years ago.  I started eating more inflammatory foods with the top three culprits being caffeine, wheat and refined sugar and as of today 4/24/24 it hasn’t fully stopped.  This lifestyle over the past years has contributed to me having bouts of depression, increased shingle flare ups and a strong addiction to sugar.  Looking back over at the posts on this blog it’s crazy to see how far I’ve fallen.  But recently I’ve decided enough is enough!  For the well being of my mental, emotional and physical health I know I have to get better.  And what better then to use this blog for accountability and at the same time start a new chapter for Native Batch beginning with sugar addiction.

Sugar Addiction

On May 1st, 2024 I will sign myself into the Native Batch Sugar Addiction rehab program.  Over the following months you will be witness to the pains and joys of me getting off of sugar.

When I say sugar, this is what I mean; refined sugar, sugar used as a preservative or additive in packaged foods, corn syrup, maple syrup, honey, agave syrup and coconut sugar.  Even though a couple of these sugar items like maple syrup and honey are okay in small portions, for me they are like gateway drugs to the real monster.  The only natural form of sugar I’ll be consuming will be from low glycemic fruits like grapefruit, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, papaya and pears.

Also I will be eliminating most carbs especially refined carbs like crackers and chips.  This is because carbs like these turn into sugars once digested even if there are no sugars in the ingredients.

You might be asking why not start you’re rehab right now why wait till the first of May.  Well there’s a number of reasons:

  1. As of 4/24/24 we’re still in mercury retrograde.  I try not to begin anything of importance until mercury is direct.
  2. The first of a month is always a great time to start something and have a fresh start.
  3. I will have time to get rid of any and all temptations.  As of now I have chocolate covered almonds, mini chocolate chips, cheese crackers & Aloha protein bars in my cabinet.  And to be honest I don’t want to throw them away.
  4. I’m blogging about this ahead of time just in case there’s anyone out there who would like to go along with me to quit sugar.

What To Expect

During the time of my sugar rehab I will write weekly blogs as to how I feel, what I ate for the week and tips for anyone who might be going through sugar addiction like me.   Since I like to be creative in the kitchen there will be recipes posted now and then.  Also exercise will play a role in rebuilding my health and will be discussed.

The “average amount of time to break a habit is 3 to 4 weeks”  So for the whole month of May we are in this together!

That’s all for now, see you on May 1st!