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Welcome to Native Batch!

My name is Desiree and I have a passion for creating wholesome, nutritious recipes. Also researching and sharing all things beneficial for keeping the body in healthy balance.

How it all began…

You know the old saying, “Everything happens for a reason”? Well I can honestly say it’s true. The foundation of Native Batch started in 2015 after I became very ill with shingles. I never experienced pain before like how I did when I had shingles. And that’s even after giving birth three times to three gorgeous sons. The pain of shingles was so intense I could barely walk. I had rashes and opened sores everywhere even on my scalp.

The doctor told me I would probably be out of work for at least two months and gave me a prescription to ease the symptoms, telling me that there was no cure and I would just have to ride it out. Knowing I couldn’t be out of work for that length of time I decided to do research on what I could do to heal myself as soon as possible. The information found was life changing.

I learned about different herbs beneficial for my immune system. Also about foods I should be avoiding to heal faster and foods I needed to eat for optimal health. I was able to return back to work in a month. The experience opened my eyes to how much plants and herbs can help in a healing process.

But it wasn’t over, I soon learned my bout of shingles was not a onetime thing. The next few years proved to be challenging. I was experiencing consistent shingle flare ups and on top of that digestion issues. So back to the drawing board I went to do lots more plant medicine and nutritional research. This journey led me to trying various ways of eating such as eating all alkaline, vegan then vegetarian. There were also many food eliminations from my diet such as nuts, chocolate, coffee and refined sugar. And don’t get me started on the small fortune I spent on supplements.

I started paying a lot more attention again to plants and herbs indigenous to different parts of the world. A lot of them containing wonderful healing properties and started documenting some of my research which is how Native Batch was born. 🙂 I believe one of my first blog posts was about Mullein Leaf and how it helps with inflammation in the throat.

Through this whole trial and error process I was able to almost diminish my shingle flare ups, calm my digestion system and eat in a way which benefits my body. My style of eating is now what you might call an intuitive type way of eating. I find it works very well for me. My way of eating is mostly plant based foods, very little gluten products (when I do it’s homemade sourdough items), very little grains and wild caught salmon every once in a while. I have a major sweet tooth which is why you’ll find quite a few desserts on this site, but with no refined sugars in any of them. When it comes to dessert you know what I say? You can still have your dessert but moderation is the key of life!

Native Batch

I want Native Batch to empower and inform through blog posts, recipes, nutrition articles those wanting to heal and have a healthier way of life. Having optimal health is a journey and very challenging. In the times we’re living in there’s constant pollution in the air we breath. The water we drink and the food we eat are polluted as well. But we can’t be discouraged. Mother Nature has blessed us with herbs powerful enough to detox our bodies and plants so nutritious that they fulfill the mineral and vitamin levels our bodies need.

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