Einkorn Sourdough Cardamom & Pear Morning BunsBy DesireeIf warm spiced, gooey, perfectly sweet buns are your idea of a happy morning you've come to the right recipe. These morning buns are not only delicious, they are naturally sweetened, plant based and easy on the digestive system. This is also an overnight recipe so all the dough rising is done at night.
Butternut Squash Pizza with Caramelized Onions & GreensBy DesireeIf you like butternut squash you will love this pizza! The butternut squash sauce on this pizza has amazing flavor and combines so nicely with the salty, tangy taste of the feta cheese. The greens and caramelized onions also brings it together perfectly.
Pumpkin Maple Sourdough LoafBy DesireeThis loaf will definitely get you in the fall spirit. It's low in sugar, easy to digest and can be served for breakfast, as a snack or for dessert. Pair a slice with some maple butter to increase the sweetness and maple flavor.
Sourdough Garlic KnotsBy DesireeThese garlic knots are crunchy on the outside but so soft and chewy in the inside. Instead of raw garlic, garlic salt is used and dried nettle leaf for the herbal seasoning. The recipe is actually from the sourdough pizza dough recipe on this site.
Sourdough Pizza DoughBy DesireeIf you're looking for an easy digestible sourdough pizza dough, look no further. All you need is an einkorn starter and just a little patience.
Sourdough Chai PancakesBy DesireeThis recipe is a great way to use your sourdough starter. There's no sweetener in this batter because all the sweetness comes from the warming chai spices and the toppings you choose to use!
Sourdough Jalapeno English MuffinsBy DesireeReady for a little kick in flavor? Try these plant based sourdough jalapeno english muffins! They're great to use for sandwiches especially breakfast sandwiches.
Sourdough Cardamom Blueberry Coffee/Tea CakeBy DesireeThis quick and easy to make sourdough cardamom blueberry cake is so moist and delicious! It's low in sugar and makes a great addition to a brunch or as a great afternoon snack with a cup of tea.
Throw Away Sourdough Starter FlatbreadBy DesireeTired of throwing away a portion of your sourdough starter before feeding your starter? Then use this recipe to turn that throw away starter into flatbread. This flatbread has the sour taste from the sourdough, the spinach type flavor from the dried nettle leaf and the nice salty taste from the sea salt.