Caramelized Delicata SquashBy DesireeThis yummy caramelized delicata squash recipe is delicious and has an almost butterscotch type of flavor. It's so easy to prepare too!
Green Beans and ShallotsBy DesireeThis green been recipe is super easy and super delicious. The sautéed shallot blends nicely with the green beans while the nettle leaf adds a refreshing herbal flavor.
Roasted Vegetable Quinoa SaladBy DesireeThis salad is warming, hearty and nutritious! It makes a great main meal or as a side to go with soup or any protein. It takes a little time to prep but the results are well worth it! Serves 6 to 8.
Quick Stewed Purslane GreensBy DesireeThis recipe is a very simple quick stewed greens recipe using purslane. It's a nutritious side dish or can be eaten as a whole meal.
Purslane PestoBy DesireeThis pesto is a great way to use purslane. It's easy to make and great to use as a dip, pasta sauce or base for a pizza.