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What Is Chayote Squash?

Chayote squash is something I must have passed by hundreds of times while in my local organic foods market but never did I notice or even think once to add it to my shopping cart.  This all changed when I downloaded the approved food list from Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide and saw the word “chayote squash” listed under approved vegetables to consume.   I had never heard of this squash before and the first thing I did was to…yep you got it, go to YouTube and see what I could find on chayote squash.
This is the first video on YouTube I looked at concerning chayote squash …video.  Since seeing this video I have tried chayote squash and have fallen in love with the taste, texture and versatility of the vegetable.   I have eaten the squash both raw and cooked.   However I prefer it raw in salads or as a snack dipped into hummus.  Chayote squash doesn’t’ have to be peeled and can be eaten with the skin on almost like an apple or pear.   As a matter of fact chayote squash has a taste that resembles a cross between a cucumber and pear and is very crisp in texture.

Chayote squash otherwise known as cho-cho, pear squash and pipinola is native to Mexico and is relative to the melon and gourd family.  Chayote is technically a fruit and like most fruits that crossover to vegetable status for example tomatoes, cucumbers and avocados, it gets confused with being a vegetable.   
According to specialtyproduce.com chayote squash has high water content, with water making up at least 93 percent of the squash’s total weight.  The squash has traces of vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B-6 and folate.  It’s high in potassium, contains dietary fiber and is very low in sodium.  www.specialtyproduce.com
The benefits of eating chayote squash are as follows:
  • ·         Low in calories.
  • ·         Have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • ·         Helps prevent leg cramps.
  • ·         Keeps thyroid healthy.
  • ·         Good for the brain.
  • ·         Aids in reducing high blood pressure.
Here’s another great link for more info on chayote squash with a tasty, easy soup recipe.
Peace & Wellness,
Native Batch