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Sweet Potato White Bean PuffsBy DesireeHere's an easy, tasty dish if you're looking for an appetizer, main meal or snack that's all plant based. And it only requires two main items, navy beans and sweet potato. The recipe makes roughly 21 puffs and can always be double!
Lemon Ginger Snaps (GF & Plant Based)By DesireeThis easy breezy ginger snap recipe is gluten free, plant based and makes about 50 cookies with hardly any effort involved. If you're looking for batches of cookies to give as gifts look no further!
Sweet Potato Walnut & Apple Bilberry Currant RugelachBy DesireeIf you like pie, cheesecake and cookies, you're going to love this recipe. It's like having all three desserts in one! This recipe makes a total of 24 to 27 cookies depending on how you cut the slices. And if you prefer only one kind of filling, just double the filling of your choice.
Jewish Apple CupcakesBy DesireeThese mini Jewish apple cakes are a perfect after dinner match to coffee or tea, They're easy to make because a bundt cake is not needed and just cupcake liners.
Sweet Potato Dumpling Dessert CasseroleBy DesireeThis dessert casserole has it all! Delicious flavor from the spiced sweet potato creamy filling. And crazy texture from the chewy, soft dumpling pieces and crunchy walnuts on top.
Easy Plant Based Einkorn Biscuit StuffingBy DesireeThere's no need to get boxed stuffing mix anymore with this delicious biscuit stuffing recipe on hand. This stuffing is fluffy, savory and can be made with hardly any effort at all.
Caramelized Delicata SquashBy DesireeThis yummy caramelized delicata squash recipe is delicious and has an almost butterscotch type of flavor. It's so easy to prepare too!
Green Beans and ShallotsBy DesireeThis green been recipe is super easy and super delicious. The sautéed shallot blends nicely with the green beans while the nettle leaf adds a refreshing herbal flavor.
Goat Cheese PenneBy DesireeGoat cheese and the use of non dairy milk makes this version of mac and cheese easier to digest. The use of either einkorn flour penne or brown rice penne pasta is the go to pasta for this tummy healthy dish.
Poutine For OneBy DesireePoutine originated from Canada. It's a dish of french fries, brown gravy and cheese curds. Here is my take on this Canadian dish using mushroom gravy and sheep milk feta.
Easy, Delicious Mushroom GravyBy DesireeLearn how to quickly make the most easy, delicious mushroom gravy you can put on anything from biscuits to potatoes to rice
The Easiest Biscuits You’ll Ever MakeBy DesireeHere's an easy biscuit recipe for when there's only a few people, a few ingredients and a few minutes of time. They're not as flaky due to the lack of butter but they are soft, slight chewy and have wonderful flavor!
Brazil Nut MilkBy DesireeThis is a super easy recipe on how to make Brazil nut milk. Brazil nut milk is a great substitution for dairy milk, especially when making dishes which cause for a creaminess that almond milk just doesn't give.
Sweet Potato and Goat Cheese Feta PierogiBy DesireeThis pierogi recipe is adapted from King Arthur Flour. I made changes to the original recipe to make the pierogi easier to digest. They can be served as a side dish or instead of playing the role of a supporting actor they can be the star at your dinner table.
Einkorn Sourdough Cardamom & Pear Morning BunsBy DesireeIf warm spiced, gooey, perfectly sweet buns are your idea of a happy morning you've come to the right recipe. These morning buns are not only delicious, they are naturally sweetened, plant based and easy on the digestive system. This is also an overnight recipe so all the dough rising is done at night.
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